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digital sales tool used by retail representatives in-store

Franchise locations of Verizon stores do not have access to all features of Discover Daily. As such, ‘Discover Daily Sales Tools’ (DDST) was created as a web-based platform to enable representatives at these locations to benefit from the same promotional content.  The site houses an array of sales tools, such as calculators, device bundles (pairings of products that provide unique offers to Verizon guests), and other helpful links. 

discover daily sales tools


what i did...

On a daily basis I updated multiple calculators, each designed to highlight pairings of products to create 'bundles,' providing unique offers that sales reps could tailor to individual Verizon guest. This required working with HTML code myself and collaborating with programmers when new offers required large-scale changes for optimal presentation of graphics. 



Utilized: Adobe Photoshop & wix

The site houses 4 calculators that are utilized by nearly 18k retail representatives daily. Updated by 8am every morning, these calculators help in-store solutions specialists see the various combinable promotions they can offer Verizon guests. 



This calculator houses all of the  in-market promotions and associated stackable deals.

historical stackability calculator

This tool is similar to the stackability calculator, however highlights recently expired promotions for reference.

the grid

This tool allows users to filter active promotions by channel, e.g. call-center vs business.

device bundles

Utilized: Adobe Photoshop 

These were monthly promotional device-specific bundles created within Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that align with the current in-market launches. Bundles were created to help those on the retail frontlines maximize every sales transactions with the illustrated hypothetical bundles. 

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