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tech fairy

district newsletter used to create familiarity amongst store representatives

Working on the retail frontlines revealed that many of my clients struggled to co-exist with their smart devices. While my job title was ‘sales representative,’ I often found myself in the role of teacher. Over time I realized how much I enjoyed helping others learn to operate their devices and wanted to more formally expand the teaching I was offering. The name for this business idea was born when a kind client referred to me as a ‘tech fairy’ after I helped him with a device issue.


what i did...

I constructed the concept and name for this project. Passionate about building the gap between technology and users I developed business cards, fliers and also a social media page for users. Despite not bringing this idea to life due to logistical reasons, this business is equipped with collateral to attract those interested in soothing their technology wonders.


Utilized: Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop

This is a flier created in addition

to business cards in an effort to gain a business following. 

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