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discover daily

automated digital sales support tool

its tagline 'discover the future of launches' Is a digital sales tool that supports over 18,000 Verizon sales representatives across the country with a wide variety of device launches and promotions that go to market daily. This app is available on both mobile devices and desktops, giving users flexible access to upcoming promotions up to 7 days before launch.

what i did...

Prior to the development of Discover Daily, sales reps used a web-based platform called unboxd, which required daily manual updates, was incompatible with mobile apps, and did not enable representatives to view upcoming promotions. While helpful as a quick refresher when working with Verizon guests, unboxd was ready for an upgrade. 


I was on the team that created and named Discover Daily, a solution to the challenges of the ever-changing nature of such a dynamic company as Verizon. I enjoyed getting to call on my experience as a sales rep to help build this product into a practical tool for the thousands of employees who directly work with Verizon guests. 



Utilized: Adobe Photoshop 

My primary role was to create visual representations for each product and promo that was ready to be launched in this tool. I sourced imagery and formatted files to align with brand guidelines and managed naming conventions for the server to recognize file types in the application.

user manual

Utilized: Adobe Photoshop + Indesign

During the early stages of deployment I teamed up with another colleague to create a 20-page digital user manual. My goal was to align our design with the overall branding of Discover Daily and give a futuristic but timeless aesthetic.


Utilized: Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator 

During the early stages of Discover Daily I created visual mockups for stakeholders to see preliminary designs prior to launch. This enabled go-to-market leads on core team calls to present a vision of products to cross-functional teams.  

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